The Road to Salthamn (2024)

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Walkthrough[] Mission Items[]
"Find your way to Salthamn village"

The Road to Salthamn is an intro mission in Generation Zero.

Based on the clues you and Therese found at Stenhaga Farm, It turns out that most people around here have made their way towards a nearby village called Salthamn, where they mention there being a bomb shelter.

It seems the inhabitants were requested to find shelter there as soon as possible; this decision may be linked tot he mysterious appearance of the hostile Machines

Maybe that is where everyone is?


  • Find the Toolbox for Therese
    go down to the river following the path and stairs down ,go into the shed and pick up the red toolbox
  • Meet Therese in the Barn and give her the toolbox
    Therese will have arrived, interact with her and she will give you a field radio.
  • Locate and reach Salthamn.
    As you approach the Bridge Therese will complain of radio interference. This is caused by a Relay Beacon on the bridge itself that you will see as a flashing yellow light.
    The quiet interference noises can alert you of a nearby Relay Beacon in the future. Following the direction of the Static you will lead you to further relays
  • Clear the Bridge
    There are a total of 6 runners on the bridge. The furthest 4 are clustered around a car on the far end of the bridge. You can cause the car to explode by sniping the Fuel tank of a Runner beside it and causing a chain explosion, or you could shoot the car itself. The shooting and vocalizations of the Near 2 will draw the attention of the farther 4 if you draw their attention.
    Alternatively set a trap with explosives and lure the machines to investigate with a Radio or Boombox.
    Afterwards destroy the Relay Beacon by damaging the area under the Antennae, where you will see blue sparks when you hit it. This is the sign of hitting a weak point in Generation Zero, vital for destroying larger Machines. Don't forget to loot the Field Radio from the remains of the Relay Beacon.
  • Locate and explore the Salthamn bomb shelter
    There's no need to enter the town just yet. Turn south till you see a Red door with a Fence around it, against the cliff to the east (to your right), and go inside. You will find a body and the remains of a Tick, to the distress of Therese. Proceed down the corridor and deal with 3 ticks in the corridor. Throwing flares is a good distraction for Ticks, and they will sometimes kill one another leaping at flares.
  • Turn the power back on in the Salthamn bomb shelter
    Find the power room (signs point to it with a yellow sign and a black lightning symbol, common for all bunkers) and simply push the button.

Mission Items[]

The Andersson's toolbox

A Standard Red metal toolbox with various, well looked after tools in it. It belonged to Lennart and Elisabeth Andersson, the owners of Stenhaga Farm and Anita Sjogren's Parents

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The Road to Salthamn (2024)
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