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We tried every 7-11 product so you don’t have to

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If you’re a fan of K-Dramas, convenience store scenes will be very familiar. In Korea, convenience stores aren’t just grab-n-go stores – they’re an institution. Most even have tables where you can sit and munch on a hot meal! Whether you’re on a late-night soju run or starting your day with a lavish breakfast, the following item is your must-try list.

Food and drinks

1. Bento boxes (dosirak)

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Comfort in a box. Photo Credit: Cup of TJ

If you’re looking for a cheap and convenient Korean meal, but you’re still after authenticity, you’ve gotta try one of these bento boxes! Stuffed with a variety of Korean food offerings, try each one by itself or mix ‘n match some combos. The grilled pork belly and stir-fried spicy pork are sure crowd favourites!

These come served with rice and rice cakes and other side dishes like eggs, vegetables and fishcakes. Add an edge to your Bento with a kick of kimchi. You can also put some sealed packs of kimchi in your pocket to take home with you.

2. Samgak kimbap

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7-11 Korea has a host of these yums. But how can something so small be so delicious? These little rice triangles are the bomb if you need to grab a bite on the go! And it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Filled with a variety of fillings like tuna, pork belly and even eel; choose your favourite flavour and savour!

3. Hot bar

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Seoul-sages on a stick

Meat on a stick: superb! When in 7-11 Seoul, get clued-up on the lingo – these vacuum-packed sausages and other meat sticks are known as ‘hot bars.’ Pick your flavour and stick to it: garlic, cheese and spicy. If you can’t pick one, catch a cluster of them and hand them out to your crew for some serious friend points. You’ll need to microwave your hot bar before you eat it.

4. Binggrae banana milk

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Creamy goodness

If you recognise this banana beverage, you’re probably a massive K-Drama fan. This brand really hits the sweet spot. And if bananas don’t tickle your tastebuds, there’s also chocolate, strawberry and melon variations! Post-guzzle, you can keep the Line and Kakao Friend package to take home as a souvenir.

5. Instant noodles

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Soup satisfaction

Here, instant noodles are all the rage. They’re the late-night guilty pleasure locals love. For a fire-in-your-mouth challenge, try the ‘fire noodles.’ Check out YouTube where you can see people having a go at the ‘spicy noodle challenge.’ Make sure you try these at home because streaming tears and nose are not a good look. For some soupy noodle satisfaction, try the Nongshim brand ramyun. The green and yellow cup is the one to look for if you’re hankering for a healthy choice.

6. Honey butter

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The sweetest combination

Honey + Butter = bliss! If you’ve never experienced these winning snacks, you need to know: they’re addictive. This is a match made in heaven, so hats off to the food alchemy behind this flavour. Apply this sweet savoury combo to almonds and… wow. There’s also your choice of chips, cashews and other nuts covered in this tasty butter.

And if you want to step outside the flavour bubble, try wasabi and yoghurt if honey butter isn't your thing.

7. Peel sausages

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Sausages in a packet: genius. Who doesn’t love sausage on the go? Turns out, these are a tasty fuss-free snack. And if you want to jazz them up a bit, try slicing them, then adding them to your plain instant noodles for a dinner hack. The best part is, you don't need to heat them – eat them cold.

8. Sparkling soju drink

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Make your Seoul sparkle

If Soju, straight up is too much for you, try the sparkling stuff. Isul Tok Tok will tickle your palette with flavours such as pineapple and peach to pack a punch. These flavours serve to mask the taste, so it goes down easier. This beverage has 3% alcohol so go slow.

9. Drink packets

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Gotta catch ‘em all!

A refreshing swig has never looked so adorable. And there’s a little surprise inside: bits of jelly! Mango and peach flavours, as well as low-calorie options, are found in a Kakao Friend packaging, but they’re not as innocent as they look. And with so many options available, some even contain coffee, so they’ll satiate your caffeine fix.

10. Chips

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Turt-ally terrific!

There’s a chip for everyone, from corn to potato and everything in between. While in the land of chippapoloza, there are two unique flavours to try. The Tteokbokki (Korean spicy rice cake) chips are sweet and spicy with a cacophonous crunch factor. The Corn Soup flavour is turtle-shaped and makes for a crunchy-munchy savoury snack.

11. Jellies

Jellies, get in my belllllyyy

If you love chewy, bouncy lollies – grab some jellies. In Korea, these gummies are a big deal, so select a bunch of flavours and shapes for your journey on the KTX. Enjoy a bite-sized burst of yum.

12. Ice-cream

Addiction alert!

Let’s start at the beginning. The Lotus Biscoff are famous, caramelised biscuits that are so moreish, it’s astounding. If you’re not familiar with these, get familiar. Now in ice cream form, these ice cream cones bring the flavour alive.


1. Phone cables

Cute cables. Of course.

Let’s face it, these cables are essential. To power the everything-at-your-fingertips lifestyle, if you find yourself without phone cables –worry not –pick one up at a convenience store. Choose from cables featuring cute characters with a handy button to stop the wires from tangling. Fun and functional!

2. Cashless payment cards

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Hop on, hop off

If you don’t like heavy pockets weighed down with coins and cash, you can carry a cashless card instead. Ride transport without the logistics of buying single trip tickets. This easy option lets you hop on and off. And there’s another trick up their sleeve – use them to pay for your purchases at convenience stores!

3. Cosmetics

Lotions and potions

South Korea is a mecca for top-notch beauty products. So much so, you’ll even find an array of these whacky lotions and potions in convenience stores. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s something cosmetic to fill the space. Don’t forget to buy some sunscreen!

Getting around

42 attractions, one card

Get the full Seoul experience with the Discover Seoul Pass. Use the handy card as admission into the city’s best landmarks and attractions. And you can also use the T-money function to top-up your card for easy transportation to and from these places. From museums to palaces, see Seoul’s gems, then recover your leftover balance in cash when you’re done.

Airport express

Book your AREX Incheon Airport Express One Way Train Ticket to travel between Seoul and Incheon International Airport in less than one hour. Redeem your tickets at either the airport or Seoul Station, pay the deposit fee, scan them at the gate and off you go. With a train every 25-40 minutes, it's the fastest and most efficient transport option available. There’s free WiFi and device charge points on board, and you can claim your deposit when you arrive.

High-speed internet

Good internet access is not negotiable. Get high-speed 4G LTE internet on the go with your South Korea 4G Prepaid SIM Card. This card gets you voice and text message service, easy top up and the opportunity to extend more SIM validity on your mobile device. Incoming voice calls and text messages are free, so you can stay in contact. Pick up this excellent travel accessory at any major airport in South Korea.

Korail Pass

Want unlimited train rides in South Korea on almost all KORAIL-operated trains? The Korea Rail Pass (2, 3, 4, or 5 Days) is on-track for you! Choose the perfect pass for your visit: 3/5 consecutive days, 2/4 days within a 10-day period, and Saver Passes for groups of 2-5 travelling together. Redeem your voucher at any metro station for easy, economical travel. 600 stations and 80 different routes are at your beck and call, and you get instant tickets.

7 Eleven Incheon Airport

If you feel like you’ve missed out on the South Korean 7 Eleven experience – don’t fret. You’re in luck! There’s one of these revered outlets at Incheon airport, so you can make a last-minute detour and grab one of these delicious treats to take with you on the plane.

South Korean 7 Elevens = Food Heaven - Klook Travel Blog (2024)
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