Kedplasma Pay Scale & Payment Schedule (2024) (2024)

Kedplasma Pay Scale & Payment Schedule (2024) (1)

Have you ever wondered how rewarding a career at Kedplasma plasma donation centers could be?

I found myself contemplating this very question, specifically about Kedplasma.

Intrigued, I embarked on a quest to explore the Kedplasma Pay Scale.

And now, I’m all geared up to spill the beans and share my discoveries with you.

  • Kedplasma Pay Scale
  • Kedplasma Pay Scale 2024
  • Kedplasma Pay Scale by Location
  • Factors Determining Kedplasma Pay Scale
  • How Often Is the Kedplasma Pay Scale Updated?
  • Importance of Understanding the Pay Scale for Employees and Job Seekers
  • List of All the Kedplasma Job Positions
  • Benefits and Perks of Working at Kedplasma
  • Comparing Kedplasma Pay Scale to Other Plasma Donation Centers
  • FAQs on Kedplasma Pay Scale
  • Conclusion

Kedplasma Pay Scale

Kedplasma Pay Scale & Payment Schedule (2024) (2)

The average Kedplasma pay scale is $218,119. This ranges from $36,435 to $206,404, depending on the department, location, employee skills, and qualifications.

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Kedplasma Pay Scale 2024

This table shows the Kedplasma Pay Scale including the role, department, and Annual Salary of each role:

RoleDepartmentAnnual Salary
Sales ManagerSales$182,147
Technical Performance Specialist – Tooling TryoutTechnical$107,323
Tooling Tryout TechnicianTechnical$91,328
Business Systems AnalystIT$83,921
Digital Marketing & Content SpecialistMarketing$115,486
Director of Finance and AccountingFinance$218,119
Material HandlerWarehouse$36,435
Sales Development RepresentativeSales$51,418
Technical Support RepresentativeTechnical Support$47,660
Warehouse LeadWarehouse$88,693
INSPECTOR PACKERManufacturing$50,731
PROCESS TECHNICIANManufacturing$76,254
Warehouse AssociateWarehouse$35,348
Warehouse CoordinatorWarehouse$73,394
Automated Bend Center OperatorManufacturing$100,131
CNC Brake Press OperatorManufacturing$82,310
Engineering Technician/DrafterEngineering$59,883
Fabrication – Stainless Steel Grinder / PolisherManufacturing$80,588
Fabrication FloaterManufacturing$48,315
Large AssemblyManufacturing$62,402
Maintenance TechnicianMaintenance$44,374
Power Coat PainterManufacturing$84,256
Quality InspectorManufacturing$55,249
Quoting & Estimating SpecialistSales$56,021
Shipping Packaging Operator:Warehouse$78,135
Weld GrinderManufacturing$71,825
Administrative/Medical Office AssistantAdministration$44,171
Dispatch/Administrative AssistantAdministration$53,884
Mobile Diagnostic SonographerMedical$206,404
Mobile Diagnostic Sonographer-PTMedical$206,404

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Kedplasma Pay Scale by Location

Here is a table showing the Kedplasma Pay Scale by Location:

LocationMedical Technician/Health ScreenerPhlebotomistAdministrative Assistance/ProcessorCenter ManagerLicensed Practical NurseRegistered Nurse
Atlanta, GA$36,364$36,084$35,380$93,753$66,259$70,487
Augusta, GA$33,926$34,283$36,505$94,253$68,357$73,027
Chattanooga, TN$34,347$34,899$35,309$92,857$68,507$72,246
Cleveland, OH$36,302$34,859$35,187$86,186$66,231$72,576
Columbia, SC$35,455$34,259$35,385$95,425$67,147$71,535
Fayetteville, NC$34,413$34,630$34,811$91,136$67,176$71,320
Greenville, SC$34,080$34,229$34,330$34,330$66,971$71,512
Indianapolis, IN$34,423$33,938$35,427$90,650$67,116$71,682
Dallas, TX$33,277$33,390$33,698$87,258$64,620$68,911
Greenville, NC$34,080$34,229$34,330$91,988$66,971$71,512

Factors Determining Kedplasma Pay Scale

The factors determining the Kedplasma pay scale include the following:

  • Position: Different roles at Kedplasma come with varying levels of responsibility, qualifications, and expertise. As such, the company sets different pay rates for each role based on these factors.
  • Experience: Kedplasma considers an employee’s experience when determining their pay. The more employee experience in a particular role, the more they may be compensated.
  • Education and certifications: Education and certifications can also impact an employee’s pay scale. Higher level of education or certifications results in higher pay.
  • Market rates: Kedplasma may also consider the current market rates for similar roles in the industry when setting its pay scale. This ensures that the company remains competitive and attracts and retains top talent.
  • Performance: Employee performance is another factor that can influence their pay scale. Kedplasma may offer bonuses, raises, or other incentives to high-performing employees.
  • Location: The cost of living and other economic factors can vary by location. Therefore, Kedplasma may set different pay rates for different locations to ensure employees are compensated fairly and can afford to live in their area.
  • Company policies: Kedplasma’s internal policies and procedures may also play a role in determining the pay scale for each role. This can be because the company has a salary range for each position. For example, they may set different employee benefits or bonuses based on tenure or performance.

How Often Is the Kedplasma Pay Scale Updated?

The Kedplasma Pay Scale is updated annually to align with market trends, industry standards, and business needs.

Importance of Understanding the Pay Scale for Employees and Job Seekers

Kedplasma Pay Scale & Payment Schedule (2024) (3)

The importance of understanding the pay scale for employees and job seekers includes the following:

  • Salary Negotiations: Job seekers can use the pay scale to determine if the offered salary is competitive. This can help them negotiate for better pay.
  • Performance Evaluation: Employees can use the pay scale to assess whether they are paid fairly based on their job performance.
  • Career Advancement: Knowing the pay scale can help employees identify potential career paths. These can be career paths within the company that offer better pay and benefits.
  • Company Comparison: Job seekers can use pay scale information to compare job offers from different companies. This will help them make informed decisions about their career moves.

List of All the Kedplasma Job Positions

Here is the list of Kedplasma Job Positions:

  1. Center Director – The Center Director is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the plasma donation center. The pay scale for this position ranges from $121K to $200K.
  2. Regional Manager – The Regional Manager oversees multiple plasma donation centers within a specific region. This position pays between $168K to $288K.
  3. Manager – The Manager is responsible for managing the operations of the plasma donation center. The salary range is between $115K to $195K.
  4. Quality Assurance Manager – The Quality Assurance Manager ensures that all plasma donation centers adhere to quality and safety standards. The pay scale for this position ranges from $108K to $167K.
  5. Assistant Manager – The Assistant Manager assists the Manager in the daily operations of the plasma donation center. The pay scale for this position is between $53K to $87K.
  6. Physician Substitute – The Physician Substitute provides medical supervision for plasma donation. Workers in this position earn between $47K to $79K.
  7. Screener – The Screener is responsible for screening potential plasma donors for eligibility. Workers in this office earn between $34K to $55K.
  8. Technician – The Technician performs technical procedures involved in the plasma donation process. The pay scale for this office is between $37K to $53K.
  9. Quality Assurance Specialist – The Quality Assurance Specialist ensures that all donation centers adhere to the highest donation and safety standards. The pay scale for this position ranges from $49K to $74K.
  10. Phlebotomist – The Phlebotomist is responsible for drawing blood from plasma donors. These staffs earn between $31K to $43K.

Benefits and Perks of Working at Kedplasma

Here are some of the benefits of working at Kedplasma:

  • Competitive salary and benefits package
  • Health insurance
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan with company match
  • Paid time off and holidays
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Employee assistance program for counseling and other support services
  • Opportunities for advancement and career growth
  • Training and development programs
  • Employee discounts on various products and services
  • Community involvement and volunteer opportunities
  • Dynamic and diverse work environment

Comparing Kedplasma Pay Scale to Other Plasma Donation Centers

Here is a table comparing the Kedplasma Pay Scale to other plasma donation centers:

RolesBioLife Plasma ServicesKEDPlasma LLCGrifolsCSL PlasmaBPL PlasmaOctapharma
Center DirectorN/A$153,613$64,378$157,363$79,900$120,414
Regional Manager$78,699$111,162$85,166$78,411$80,000$97,023
Quality Assurance Manager$41,465$68,598$72,566$60,000$61,331$70,000
Assistant Manager$59,173$47,922$73,913$58,840$53,723$58,751
Physician Substitute$78,881$76,279$48,128$76,279$44,000$46,654
Medical Screener$39,173$35,906$32,634$34,653$32,320$46,881
Quality Assurance Specialist$63,443$68,447$64,325$53,552$46,767$59,000

FAQs on Kedplasma Pay Scale

These are the frequently asked questions on Kedplasma Pay Scale:

How Does the Kedplasma Pay Scale Compare to Other Companies in the Plasma Industry?

Kedplasma’s pay scale is competitive with other companies in the plasma industry. However, salaries can vary based on location and job title.

Are There Any Additional Benefits or Perks for Kedplasma Employees Apart From the Salary?

Kedplasma offers additional benefits and perks such as health and dental insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans. They also offer a referral bonus and a tuition reimbursem*nt program.

What is the Typical Salary Range for a Plasma Center Manager at Kedplasma?

The typical salary range for a center manager at Kedplasma ranges from $63,338 to $153,613 per year. However, varies based on experience and location.


Kedplasma, like many plasma donation centers, offers competitive pay rates to its employees. According to our analysis, Kedplasma’s pay scale for various roles falls within the average range compared to other plasma industry companies.

However, Kedplasma offers additional benefits such as medical, dental, and vision insurance, paid time off, and 401(k) matching. These perks are a great incentive for employees to work for Kedplasma.

If you’re looking to join the plasma industry or considering a career change, Kedplasma may be a good choice. With their competitive pay rates and added benefits, it’s no wonder why Kedplasma has become a popular choice among job seekers in this industry.

Kedplasma Pay Scale & Payment Schedule (2024) (2024)
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