Iron's Spells 'n Spellbooks - Minecraft Mod (2024)

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A magic mod bringing back the classic RPG spellcasting fantasy. (irons spells and spellbooks)

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Iron's Spells 'n Spellbooks is a magic mod that is inspired by classic RPG games, and aims to introduce the classic spellcasting fantasy to the game. With an emphasis on progression, you can gain power by fighting dangerous wizards, raiding a plethora of structures, delving through dungeons, collecting resources, and finding powerful magical items.

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  • Over 60 upgradable spells
  • Over 20 equipment items
  • Weapon Imbuement System
  • Armor Upgrade System
  • 10 wizard armor sets
  • 5 randomly generated structures
  • 5 new enemies; a new boss
  • And much more!

Also Including:

  • Extensive world configuration options (including per-spell settings)
  • Out-of-the-box support for JEI, JEED, Apotheosis, Tetra, Curios, and Better Combat

It is recommended to play with JEI and Configured

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Getting Started

You may quickly notice as your explore your world that you will be finding scrolls. Each scroll contains a spell, similar to an enchanted book. The scroll can be consumed to cast that spell without consuming mana or triggering a cooldown, or brought to the first new workstation added: the Inscription Table. At the inscription table, you are allowed to place a spell book, one either found or crafted, and slot the scroll into it. However, depending on the rarity of the scroll (determined by the spell's level), it may be too powerful for your spell book. In this case, you must go forth on a journey to obtain a better spell book.

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There are many materials you may stumble upon throughout your adventures in the Overworld and Nether, including:


Ink can be found in magic structures, such as wizard towers, and is the key to crafting scrolls. There are 5 variants, one for each rarity of scroll. When using ink in the Scroll Forge, it will allow you to craft a spell of the corresponding rarity, at the lowest level available. If the minimum rarity of a spell is higher than the ink provided, you will not be able to craft it at all, instead needing a higher quality ink to craft its first level.


  • There are 9 schools of magic, and you require a magical focus to craft scrolls or gear pertaining to that school. The schools and their focus are:
  • Fire - Blaze Rods (Vanilla)
  • Ice - Frozen Bones (Dropped from Strays)
  • Lightning - Bottles o' Lightning - (Use empty bottle on charged creeper)
  • Holy - Divine Pearls (Crafted from gold and amethyst)
  • Blood - Blood Vials (Obtained by cooking mobs in a cauldron; put them (or yourself) into a cauldron with a lit campfire beneath them)
  • Ender - Ender Pearls (Vanilla)
  • Evocation - Emeralds (Vanilla)
  • Void - Echo Shards (Vanilla)
  • Poison - Poisonous Potatoes (Vanilla, with additional recipe)

Arcane Essence

Arcane essence is the most common and most important magical material. It can be found in magical structures, or looted from killing magical enemies. Low amounts of it may craft weak magic items, but its primary purpose is to be condensed into Arcane Cloth or Arcane Ingots, and used in more powerful crafting recipes.


Runestones are a more rare find in magical structures, and are always found as blank runestones. Using 8 focuses, you can craft a runestone to a specific school, and use your inscribed runestone to craft gear related to that school.


Hogskin - a new drop from hoglins, and is used to craft magical itemsCinder Essence - a drop from Ancient Knights (who can be summoned at ancient battleground) and is used to craft upgrade orbsArcane Debris/Arcane Salvage - an ore similar to ancient debris, but is found in the Overworld. A netherite pickaxe is required to harvest it, and the scrap is used in powerful magical recipes.Ruined Book - a sculk-infested book that can be found in ancient cities, used for crafting powerful spell books

Crafting Stations

All of your magical tinkering will be done at the Inscription Table, Scroll Forge, and Arcane Anvil. (See getting started for Inscription Table)

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Scroll Forge

The Scroll Forge is a new crafting station that allows the player to craft scrolls by using ink, paper, and a focus. The ink determines the rarity/level, and the focus determines what school of spells you can craft.

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Arcane Anvil

The Arcane Anvil is a new crafting station that is used to combine magic items together, such as:

  • Upgrading scrolls (just like enchanted books)
  • Upgrade school armor and Spell Books using upgrade orbs
  • Imbue swords with a spell (only one at a time, scrolls cannot be retrieved after imbuing them. Imbuements can be removed with shriving stones)

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Many new pieces of magical equipment can be found, looted, or crafted in this mod.

Some of these include 6 craftable spell books that follow vanilla progression (iron, diamond, netherite, and so on), 2 Unique spell books that are rare drops from certain mobs and come with pre-slotted spells, and 3 additional spell books that can be found throughout the world.

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Additionally, 10 sets of armor are added to the game, including an early game, mid game, and 8 late game sets, each corresponding to a school of magic, giving players additional power for that school while they wear them.

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World Gen

Several new randomly generated structures can be found in your new magical world. They'll contain magical loot - and magical enemies guarding it - as well as traps, and most importantly: secret treasure. *As a side note, it is not required to break any blocks to find secrets.

Structure Info

Mountain Tower (Bottom Left)

The lonely tower of ice mages, it can be found in mountainous and snowy biomes

Mangrove Hut (Top Middle)

Home of the fire mages, it can be found in swampy biomes

Evoker Fort (Bottom Right)

Keep of the Archevoker, it can be found in forests, plains, deserts, and savannasRandomly generated surrounding camp

The Catacombs (Top Right)

The first randomly generated dungeon and boss fight of the mod, it is the magical stronghold of a king who died long ago and can be found deep undergroundWayward Compass can be used to locate themIt is recommended to have enchanted diamond gear to take on the Dead King boss

Ancient Battlegrounds (Top Left)

The site of a battle of which the name was long ago forgotten, it can be found resurfacing in the NetherArmor Piles can be harvested to reanimate Ancient KnightsDebris may be denser in the areas around them

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