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KEDPLASMA is a crowd favorite when it comes to plasma donation centers because of it’s competitive donor pay for new and returning donors.

Donors also often share that their donor experience at their local KEDPLASMA has been positive, clean, and met with professional staff that make the process go smoothly.

In this article, we’ll cover how much you can expect to earn if you choose to donate at KEDPLASMA. We’ll also cover additional ways to earn, such as referral programs and loyalty rewards for returning donors.

As always, your local KEDPLASMA’s donor rates may be different based on your location.

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How Does Donor Pay Work at KEDPLASMA?

At KEDPLASMA, return donors get paid a fixed amount for every donation, regardless of your weight or the volume you donate.

While this may work against donors who are above 175 pounds, who can get the highest donor compensation at other centers like Octapharma and CSL Plasma, it makes it easy for all donors to calculate how much money they can earn.

Compared to other plasma centers, the donor pay you receive varies widely depending on which city you’re based in. This is the case for all plasma centers, but donors report wide ranges of return and new donor pay from cities all across the country.

Also, return donors are usually incentivized to donate twice in the same week. Typically, KEDPLASMA will pay you less for your first donation of the week, and much higher for your second donation of the week.

For example, your first donation of the week may pay $30, and your second donation within the same week may pay $60. It’s common to see a 40%-50% increase in the second donation made in the same week.

All new donors at KEDPLASMA typically receive the same compensation, regardless of your donor status, weight and volume of plasma donated.

How Much Does KEDPLASMA Pay New Donors?

The first-time donor bonus at KEDPLASMA is considered above average when compared to other plasma donation centers.

Similar to Octapharma, CSL and BioLife, KEDPLASMA will offer specials throughout the year where new donors may get a higher compensation during certain months of the year.

If you’re considering KEDPLASMA as a first-time donor, you can expect $100 per donation for the first 3 donations, on the low-end, during times with no special promotions. The rest of the month will follow the typical return donor pay for that specific KEDPLASMA center.

While this sounds low, a more common new donor bonus will pay more than this.

One donor shared that they earned $710 in their first month as a new donor, from eight total donations, where they were paid $100 per donation for the first 6 donations. For the remaining two donations of the month, they were paid $110, where the first donation of the week paid $30 and the second donation paid $80.

Overall, first-time donors can expect to earn a maximum first month compensation of about $600 to $750.

First-time donors also may receive additional bonuses during their new donor period of 30 days. While this varies by location, an example would be receiving $25 after your 6th or 8th donation in the same month.

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How Much Does KEDPLASMA Pay Returning Donors?

Return donors at KEDPLASMA get rewarded the most when donors can donate twice a week.

As mentioned above, returning donors get paid the lowest on their first donation of the week, and receive a significantly higher payment after the second donation within the same week.

This favors individuals who are committed to donating plasma as a means of earning extra money on a regular basis, but may not be favorable for people who can’t donate twice a week.

If you’re curious how much return donors earn, we’ve seen KEDPLASMA centers that pay as little as $30 per donation, for the first donation of the week, and $60 for the second donation of the week. At $90 per week, this results in about $360 a month, not including any bonuses.

While this seems relatively low, other donors shared that their local KEDPLASMA centers pay returning donors as much as $45 for the first donation of the week, and $90 for the second donation within the same week.

At $135 per week, this results in about $540 a month, which makes it one of the more competitive return donor rates when compared to other plasma donation centers.

Additionally, return donors may earn an additional bonus of $25–$40, depending on the bonus of the month, after their 6th or 8th donation.

Overall, we’ve noticed a decrease in KEDPLASMA’s return donor compensation over the years at several locations around the country.

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How To Earn More For Referring Your Friends

KEDPLASMA’s refer-a-friend program is average compared to other plasma donation centers.

At the time of this writing, you can earn $50 per person that you refer that successfully completes two plasma donations.

During promotional months, their referral program can allow you to earn as much as $75 per referral, with no limit to how many people you can refer.

How Much Are KEDRewards Worth?

Return donors can earn points, or KEDRewards, by donating plasma, referring donors, and completing surveys.

It’s not clear exactly how much the points are worth, but we estimate that return donors receive about 200–300 points after every successful donation that is valued at 1 cent per point. This means that after each donation, you earn an additional $0.20 to $0.30.

One of the biggest perks of KEDRewards is the express pass. One donor shared that an express pass can be exchanged for 1600 points, and allows you to skip to the front of the line for your next donation.

This can save you a substantial amount of time, especially when crowded plasma centers can have long lines that otherwise require you to wait.

Is Donating Plasma At KEDPLASMA Worth It?

There’s no doubt that many new and returning donors have positive things to say about their experience donating plasma at their local KEDPLASMA.

However, compared to other plasma centers, KEDPLASMA’s donor pay appears to range widely from location to location. This is normal for all plasma centers, but it appears that understanding donor pay is especially unpredictable for them.

If you’re a donor who values a positive and smooth experience more than maximizing how much money you can earn, KEDPLASMA is an excellent choice.

While they do, at times, offer generous new donor bonuses during promotional months, and competitive return donor rates, it’s likely not going to be the highest compensation in your area.

KEDPLASMA is also an excellent choice if you’re committed to donating twice within the same week, as the return donor pay starts to add up quickly with higher second donations.

If you’re a casual plasma donor, with no specific schedule or desire to go often, we recommend look at other options near you.

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How Much Does KEDPLASMA Pay For Plasma? - Discover Plasma (2024)
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